Used Car Warranty Plans in Whittier, CA

GWC Warranty offers a range of plans that are tailored to match your specific needs and budget. These plans encompass a broad spectrum of coverage, from the basic protection of a vehicle’s most expensive components to comprehensive plans that can rival a manufacturer’s basic factory warranty. These plans can be broadly categorized into two primary protection categories.

Exclusionary Coverage

Exclusionary coverage is a comprehensive extended warranty that provides high-level protection for your vehicle, listing what is not covered rather than what is. It’s ideal for those seeking peace of mind with almost all major components covered, similar to a manufacturer’s warranty, while explicitly excluding certain items.

Stated Component Coverage

“Stated Component Coverage” provides protection for the specific parts and systems that are clearly outlined in your contract. When a component is part of the plan you’ve chosen, we will take care of the expenses associated with both parts and labor, ensuring a speedy return to the road for you.

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What are the benefits of purchasing a used car warranty plan?

Used car warranty plans offer peace of mind by covering unexpected repair costs after your manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Why choose City Car OC LLC in Whittier, CA for comprehensive warranty plans?

City Car OC LLC offers comprehensive warranty plans tailored to suit your needs and budget.

How do comprehensive plans differ from other warranty options?

Comprehensive plans offer extensive coverage for a wide range of vehicle components and systems.

What makes City Car OC LLC the best choice for a used car warranty?

City Car OC LLC has a reputation for reliability and excellent customer service.